As the founder of Modern Memoirs Photography, LLC., at age of 20, the artist began her career and studies in photography as she became drawn to the world of art growing up in Michigan. Soleil graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts from the University of Michigan. Whether she is capturing couples, family moments, children, or events, every picture captures and conveys a story. She believes photography is powerful and influential - it enables individuals to perceive the world from a different perspective and cherish time captured in a frozen moment. Her photography style is evocative, eloquent, and articulate with a chic portrayal of contemporary portraiture.

how it began

Soleil evolved from a family with a passion for fashion and art. Her inspiration and mentors are her mother, Heather, who formally modeled for Pro-Model in the Detroit metro area circuit, Incognito, Italiano, Zotos, and Jacobson's. Soleil’s grandmother, Patricia, won the titles, Miss Teen New York and Miss Mineola of New York. At the mere age of six, Soleil was recognized by local art professors and top ten art programs for her monochrome drawings and canvas portraiture. Her talent subsequently turned into award-winning events and certificates both locally and nationally.

She later began creating artistic looks for her photographs through makeup application and wardrobe couture, while capturing final images through the art of photography. She learned that the more photos she displayed of her artwork, the more her love for photography evolved. Following her dreams to one day display her art to the world, Soleil later began taking photos as a career, and turned it into a brand-name business. Pictures are something more than a mere print or a cut-out. A photograph captures and freezes a moment in time to be cherished that we can never get back. A fine art photographer can turn a photo into something stunning, magical, and exquisite - a key element of story-telling in Modern portraiture that will be passed on for years…as a Memoir.